It never gets weird enough.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

tra lala. another splendid sunday, which I spent touring the grocery stores like the thrifty mennonite I am. and if you'll excuse me for just a second I have to go murder this damn fruit fly that won't get the hell away from me.

I've decided fruit flies were invented for the sole purpose of driving me insane. Not that there was far to drive. haha speaking of driving, I suck. yes, safari. SUCK. I. or something like that, perhaps in a different order. ooh back to the grocery store, toaster strudels were on sale. I just about started hyperventilating, but avoided that by dancing down the aisle. FREAKING FRUIT FLY!!! ugh, I need a killing stick. if anyone has an idea of how to kill this bug without getting out of my chair, please let me know. anyhoo, some other topic...oh yeah, I have to tell you all that while it is funny to try and lose your friends when you're driving around, when you actually do lose them...it's really hard to find 'em again. oh and also, as my mom informed me on my drive today, it is not alright to swerve at oncoming traffic for a laugh. who knew? and can you believe Jeff won't let me drive his car? pshh. I'm an angel in disguise. an angel with a mouth like a pirate. I've had to delete about 20 sentences containing words that my mother wouldn't approve of on account of her coming into my room earlier to see a big FUCK EM FEED EM RICE across my screen. it's not like i've never heard her say it before, so I'm not sure what the deal is. maybe she thinks I'm innocent. hahahaha. or maybe not.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

what a swell evening. well other than the unfortunate incident involving the death of Jeff's grill. Rest in peace man, you and your grill cause im guessin your dad's going to murder you.
well at least we avoided all encounters from certain ride whores (who are not me) whose name I shall not mention cause everyone knows already anyway. If you're my friend and you don't know, you're the ride whore. and P.S. fuck off. No one read Zac's blog, he's super bitter man. which is odd since he's always preaching about our bitterness. do as I say not as I do! haha I should delete that cause it's what my dad says, but I think I might be high from the fumes of Jeff's poor car, so it shall remain. DANCE BREAK


and don't even try and deny that you love meatloaf. don't even bother! Jeff am I a ride whore? Do you really think so?

good night kids, sorry you wasted your time reading this

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