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Monday, April 26, 2004

I was thinking the other day, everything I say on here could be completely false, and you'd never know the difference would you? But then I was thinking, the only people who read this are my friends so that plan was botched. I also stumbled across a little story about one of my friends. Apparently when he was smaller he believed that the peanuts inside chocolate covered peanuts were just a ploy to cut down his chocolate consumption, so he just licked all the chocolate off and left the soggy peanuts laying around. Really made me respect him more. You know who you are. Hahaha.

I've also started questioning CSI. I mean, it's a good show and all, I like it when they go in the veins and shit, but let's be serious here. There is no one who takes 3 jobs, smooshes them into one and solves the case in 5 days. There is also no one that goes to a crime scene in prada boots and a freaking armani skirt. (does armani make skirts?)

But anyway, the moral of the story is you all ditched me for band and you suck.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

So all of my cool dude band friends have left me to go to edmonton for four days. I just realized I can't really insult them for being uncool as I just said "cool dude." But I'm not going to delete it because you shouldn't be judging me anyway you bastard. And ps. weren't any of you even considerate enough to leave me a blog to read while you were gone? Selfish bastards. Had a pretty cool night last night, we broke things and then made fire. I felt like a cavewoman, only with less hair. But I'm still planning on moving to Europe and getting hairy. You'd think it would make more sense in canada, something to keep us warm... but whatever, I don't make the rules I just play the game. I've also recently discovered that the answer to all emotional problems is to listen to country music and draw pictures with sharpie for awhile. The scent really helps, and the good old honky tonk whine helps you create many pictures of bodies under cars. Speaking of which, I went to my grandmas today and down the street there was this person lying on the sidewalk. I just looked at them for awhile and then went back inside.

Am I a bad person?
Don't answer that.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Well, it was pointed out to me that I was slacking on my blog duties so now I shall entertain you. And by you I mean the whole 2 people that read this. Thank you, my true fans, I'll remember you when I'm famous.

(enter me, wearing lovely purple evening gown designed by some designer I don't know right now as I am still poor)
"I'd like to thank my parents...I blame all of my flaws on you. To my loyal friends, who allowed me to be myself...and by that I mean a much, much less slutty version of myself. I'd like to thank my fans...who've been with me through it all. But most of all, I'd like to thank the academy, for this wonderful, wonderful award..."

Ahem, sorry for that temporary moment of insanity. Today when I got home I was standing in the living room and I was like, "Ugh what is that insane beeping...turn it off" and I got a bunch of crazy looks and they're all like, "What beeping?" I laughed cause they always do the "let's make courtney seem crazy" thing...but they were serious man. I was like, "ohhh shit." Am I crazy? Is the fact that I have to ask scary in itself? If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman? Scratch that last part. Any comments that I make this evening that make you question my sanity (or rather, insanity) should be disregarded as I'm obviously posessed by satan. Do you know who else was posessed by satan? John Lennon. And by satan I mean Yoko Ono, who should burn. haha, just playing. After all ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. (seriously hate that bitch though). It is odd that after 15 years I still have not run out of things to rant about. It is also odd that after like 5 blogs you haven't learnt that this is a waste of your time. GO BACK WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!! TURN AWAY!!! RUN FORREST, RUN!!! may the force be with you.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Well we didn't have a lot do last night (seeing as its swift) so we took a little venture up to pregnant point (sorry kids, no porn story to follow.) I think the entire police squad found us. And by the entire police squad I mean like two cars. A tip to those who have something to hide...just hang out with a cop's kid. I swear they're like, "do you have any alcohol in here?" "noo...but we have this kid...his dad's a cop..." and all is well. It's my first day of Easter break and I got up at 9:30. It feels so wrong. I'm so used to sleeping in that breakfast has become non-existent in my world, so now at 10:30 I'm hungry but can't think of any breakfast food. And I think it's like sacreligious to have lunch at 10:30. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to make food. Yes, that could be it. So now I'm up for 11 days of absolutely nothing while everyone else I know (and by that I mean about 3 people) jet off to some exotic place with lots of sun. Bastards. But really, nothing can be quite enjoyable. Except my nothing will be interrupted with like 2 days of family. I can smell them coming. I really cannot tolerate family.

If anyone would like to save me from this horrible "family" experience, please, for the love of god do it. And if you also had some food for me, that'd be awesome.

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Bastards. All of them. No one will go dancing in the streets with me. Does that not sound like a good time? sheesh. Kids these days. Yeah, we got into a crash yesterday. I'm starting to think it would've been really fun if, instead of being in a car, we were in a bubble. Do you think? Or do you think I should shut up? These blogger things are even more fun than msn cause there's no second person to interrupt my rantings. If everyone just recognized that I know all the world would be in a lot better shape. ooh ooh. And it would have more cake. Especially that of cheese and carrot. Can you believe that I did not experience the joys of cheesecake until the age of 15? What a crazy world I live in. And really just I, because I live in my own world. Come visit sometime, no one wears pants and we eat a lot of cake.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Ahh another glorious day at work. Yes, I work at the library. And shut up, the libraries cool. If you're not. haha. An even sadder fact...I hung out there before I was employed there. Yes, I am a nerd. And yes, you love me. Just to reinstate this fact I am using correct punctuation and spelling throught this blog. I should really be doing my homework, but instead I'm sitting on my ass talking to safari about...well, I really shouldn't tell you that because you will judge me. ps. Check out Jeff's brother, he's a hottie, eh??? You know who else has a hot brother...that Kalin kid. Haha, get it. Their twins. Haha, how clever.

I really have too much time on my hands.

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