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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

and I learned...oh look kitty! cute! well actually I learned that my book came in today. I bet this is as thrilling for you as it is for me. And if so, we should all take a break right now to go find new pants.

okay. now that we're all set. so. not only am I going strong with my two job thing these days, but the good old libary just called me up for more hours. I don't like working. It goes against my life goal to sleep always. But I do love money. If I could sleep for money that'd be cool. But I can't, so I guess I'll work a lot. I think I need a paycheck to pump me up though, as I am getting very "don't talk to me because everything you stay is stupid and I shall hit you" lately. And money always makes me happy. ALWAYS!!! Don't argue with the master. oh sometimes there is just not enough love. where is the love? shut up. see, there I go again. But you know dear blog fans, that I do love you. today I went to wal-mart. It was so exciting as I love wal-mart. and right when I was talking about how much my bra was pissing me off I turned the corner and this girl from school was there. so I ran away all sneaky-like. do you ever think that I divulge too much information dear blog children? no, I didn't think you thought that. Because you love me. And would never judge because I would never judge you if you wanted to talk to me about your bra. Or your underwear. Or even... No that's too far, I would have to judge you. But never forget I love you.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

so I now have two jobs. If that just doesn't scream single mother, I don't know what does. But it also screams lots of money for courtney. So whatever, I rule. Have you ever been hanging around with zac for awhile and then he leaves and you find yourself saying crazy things like "cut the shit"? Yeah, me either. Although I still maintain that I said wait a damn minute first. And that Jeff and Zac are very similar names (what with the rey and ary) that it is understood that I should become confused. Especially considering it is me. And don't you love my pic? There is more to come, including courtney with her head in the sand. I'm hot and you know it. I'm not pretty, I just look that way. haha riddle me that. but anyways, I should go have a bath. Do you know why? Because I am addicted. I like to have a scalding hot bath, so hot that my skin almost peels off. And then a freezing cold shower. So cold that I almost die from hypothermia. And then I like to sleep. Because sleep rules. Like me.

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cute...but not quite as cute as me.

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mini me

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

another glorious day at my place of employment. and by glorious I mean tolerable, because who really likes their job? that's why they call it work. cause you take it up the ass and do what you must to get through your day. that is why I thank the good old art gallery for having wine in the staff room. haha, I kid. the library rocks and you know it. do you have betty davis eyes? and what exactly does it mean to have betty davis eyes? who is betty davis? I'm sure I could research this quite easily but find it more appealing to simply ask and wonder. less work, see. but more importantly, would you let him take you home? if I asked you a question and you knew the answer would really hurt, would you tell me the truth anyway? are the questions getting annoying? good, good. did you have a happy childhood? how long have you felt this way? the other day we were talking about having relationships with your friends siblings. and by relationships I mean...well you all know what we mean because it's me. is that right, really? cause I really want your brother. I mean, I'm gonna get him anyway, I'm just checking if I should tell you about it or not.

would you judge me if I told you I've been wearing the same bra for the past 4 days, strictly because I'm too lazy to go downstairs and get the clean ones?

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

"she likes em with a moustache, race track season pass, drivin in a trans am, does a mullet make a man?"

and so the question is presented...Does a mullet make a man?
I believe that the mullet went out about the same time as the moustache...right around the time the 7-11 ladies got real into it. what do you think?

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