It never gets weird enough.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

T: "Hey, you ever played hot potato?"
C: "Yeah, of course." T throws potato, C catches.
T: "I guess you lose."
C: "But the music didn't stop."
T: "....what music?"
I was reminded of this today when I was caught dancing down the hallway to the music that existed only in my head.
Everbody wang-chung.

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

so, in response to Shawna's blog, I totally agree. I think my weakness is funniness. Oh, and cowboys. Oh and compliments too. Apparently I have a lot of weaknesses. FINE, just play my emotions like a fiddle then! ps. Shawna I dig the pink. I think everyone's a bit maniuplative though. Some of us more than others maybe. (but not me of course...) Come to think of it, I'm very manipulative. As soon as people start to think they've got me figured out, I find it very necessary to change all of my ways. I would understand if you don't have enough patience for me. I'll be dancing with myself. Now I'm sad. I've run out of things to rant about, and this makes me sad. I couldn't stand being a completely happy person. Where would the fun in that be? What would I rant about? All these sunshine and daisy stories about love and babies are only fun for so long. Yesterday at the beach this old guy was checking me out. And he was with his wife. It was creepy. But on the bright side, someone was checking me out.

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