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Sunday, August 29, 2004

holy intense batman

I have not been on my computer for a full week. Seven days, that is.

I'm quite amazed how people can write these three page essays on all of their emotions and feelings and what not and the only three lines I can muster up about anything "emotional" at all spark a chain reaction of people apologizing to me for my irrational train of thought and unreasonable emotions that were never their fault in the first place.

But we should all be mellowed out after three days of cold medicine overdosing, eh kalin?

So I came in here to clean my room. I still have a carpet full of clothing, because my computer distracted me again. Now I'm left wondering how Kevin can describe some clouds using words like "dazzling" "beautiful" and "amazing array" and I never think him to be gay. Not that there would be anything wrong with that, I just find it impressive from a guy who's (presumably) straight. Now that I've offended both kevin and all of the homosexual people of the world, we'll move on.

School is starting tomorrow. This would be extremely depressing to me if it were not for two things:
  1. My mom bought be a ninja turtles pencil case. (Is she not the coolest mom ever?)
  2. I'm listening to Hot Child In The City. Now you can't even try to be depressed while listening to this song. Next time you're feeling down, I highly recommend you listen to this, eat some chocolate, and get the hell over it.

Just kidding about that last part. Did you know that you can't put italics in your title? Damn blogger. However I'm quite impressed about this new "list" feature. Because, as we all know:

  1. I love lists.
  2. I am a nerd.

But you still love me, right?

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

It's not real life, it's high school

I wish you could see through my eyes for a minute, so you could get a glance beyond this illusion that you seem to have. The illusion that it matters this much. Just to clarify, it doesn't. This is high school. This is not even halfway through your life. This is not life or death. It's not cause enough for this much stress. No, it's just high school. I can see why it matters to you. But I can't see why it matters this much. You're selfish in thinking that this is only affecting you. The rest of us getting royally fucked up too.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Life's been good to me.

well it's been awhile (for me) since I blogged. Let me tell you why...

It all started two friday's ago. I put on my black dress and my "going out" runners. (You see, I'm such a classy trend setter that I can wear a dress and runners and get away with it.) I ventured down to a local bar, The Big Eye. Despite popular opinion, I believe this is quite a classy establishment. It was very difficult to pry off all the men who simply couldn't resist me, but I'm tough as well as sophisticated, so I managed. I was going to the bar for a whiskey and coke, when it happened. From across the room our eyes met...the most gorgeous man you have ever seen, who just happened to be the bartender. I walked up to the bar and as he handed me my drink the tension was just too much. He said, "My shift's almost over...would you like to jump on my private jet and venture down to Tahiti?" (He made a lot of tips bartending, alright?) So for the past two weeks we have been lying on a beach sipping drinks and sunbathing.

Or else my computer was very very sick and we had an assload of pop-ups and viruses. I can't remember which one. Either way, here I am! Anyway, things that suck right now:

1) This crap ass excuse for summer - we live in Canada, we basically get 2-4 months of summer and we're supposed to boil like lobsters to make up for the 10 months of being permanently pointy. Don't even pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, we live in Saskatchewan, we're pointy.
2) This frickin drama - Being a teenager is gay. Although I guess I can only compare it to being a baby and an child. I don't remember most of these. But I bet being an adults sucks too. So basically, life sucks. Who knew? But you know, life's been good to me.
3) My hands smell like peas - I'm not sure where else to go with this. My hands smell like peas. That's about it.

On the bright side, I really like lists and I just got to make one. Also I'm listening to Will Ferrell sing 'Afternoon Delight'. Sky rockets in flight (woo!) Afternoon Delight. How I pine for the 70's. Let's make dirty ruben love. You know you wanna.

I'm frickin' odd.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Her name was Lola...

You know you love it.
So guess who's coming home today? That's right, the lovely Miss Shawna. And of course pretty pretty Miss Brittany. This is a very good thing for me who is seriously in need of some x chromosome after three days with the guys, who I love to death but they are seriously turning me male. I have even been speaking of things very unbecoming to a lady such as myself. (no comments, thank you.) We won't say what of course, but I will tell you it has to do with ass. And sweat. Damn, I think that about gives it away. Well that is about all I have to jib about today, but if anyone can tell me what jeans I am wearing in that picture there's a toonie in it for you, and when I'm famous I might still admit to knowing you. If you're lucky.

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

What's up Cypress Hills?

Giddy-up, U TURN!!! CYPRESS, JUMP ON IT!!! Who can't wait to go camping!? Not this girl! But by camping you should know that I really mean staying in a hotel suite at a semi-nature like park. What can ya do? It should be good. WOO, pregnant lady mood swing. I want you, I need you...get off of me! I kid, I'm not a whore. ish. I am however, in need of some serious anger management. And possibly psycho therapy. Due to the fact that I am a psycho. And a home wrecker. Don't get too close, she bites. Well, what I'm really trying to say is I'll miss you all, and I know you'll miss me as the sun just doesn't shine as bright when I'm not around. I'm sure we'll all pull through though.

Have a good week lovelies, star of the show will be back soon!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I hate hate haters.

so today I had my very first lesson driving a standard. only stalled twice, this girl is a proooo. now I have the driving bug though and almost stole kalin's car. The thought was there dude, but the threat of po po frightens me. the whole "driving without a license" thing would be bad but I think "grand theft auto" would be the real kicker. ps. why isn't it grand auto theft? ahh...upon thinking about it, I get it. I'm insane. Speaking of insane, what are you speaking of mr kalin about this "new tight relationship with family"? Have you been sniffing paint fumes again? You can let me know tomorrow at BONDO!

g'night, and mama sends her best y'all.

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