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Monday, September 27, 2004

some deep shit...

haha, did I have you going there? even for a minute? Yeah, I didn't think so. Today was a thought provoking day. Our school is having a career expo on Thursday. To like, plan for our futures and shit. Dude... I don't want to plan for my future. I don't even want to think about it. And now I have to face the shocking reality that I have only 2 years left of this mirage of my pretend high school world. So after that I have to go do something with my life. Or something. I don't want to go to more school. But I sure as shit don't want to work. I think instead I shall wallow in the past.

Do you remember the ninja turtles? I sure do. I remember Barney, too. I remember snack time, and recess, and the Panda Club. I remember all of elementary. Not having to take spelling 'cause I was so damn awesome (Queen Courtney is what they called me, in fact). I remember jamming to Clay Walker and Air Supply with my mom. I remember when boys didn't complicate my life so much because I understood very clearly that they were gross. I remember getting 10 hours of sleep a night and complaining about it, not even fathoming that in a few years I would kill for that amount of sleep. I remember Saturday Morning Cartoons, and how we said them like they deserved all caps in the title. I remember when I was size 6x. No, it wasn't last year you bastard. (Don't make me show you my pimp hand!)

I remember Irwin, and being super smart in grade 6 and hating every minute of it. I remember making new friends and losing the majority of the old. I held on to the good ones. I remember the skate park, and my first boyfriend and my first encounter with (brace yourself, ma) drugs. Then there was my first time getting drunk, my first party, and my first kiss. (all seperate events, kind of...)

I remember my first day at the comp, and hating every minute of the first semester. I remember reading Harry Potter and wishing I could go live in that land, because despite evil wizards constantly attacking him and his people, his life just seemed a lot simpler than mine. After all, he didn't run into girl troubles 'til at least the fourth book. I remember meeting new friends, which is about the best possible thing that could've happened to me.

This summer I think I have grown closer to my friends than I ever thought possible. I hope when I am older I will remember how they were always there for me when I needed someone. Someone to listen, or whine and complain to, someone to make me smile when all I wanted to was cry, and someone to be there for me should I happen to (god forbid) cry. I hope I will remember how much I loved them, and how much fun we had (and still will have) together.

I hope that when we are old we can sit around and talk about how we remember when our kids were watching Barney and wearing size 6X. I don't really think that I have to hope, I know I'll never forget my friends.

And no matter how hard I try...I'll never forget the Spice Girls.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

I'm soo one of the cool kids now.

here I am, back and better than ever! didn't you just miss the crap out of me? if that makes sense, but after re-reading I realize it doesn't, so please disregard as I do not have a useable backspace button. is that how you spell useable? usable? Hmm...perhaps if I cared a little more I would look it up but it seems I care...not at all. Fancy that. So I was over at this boys house tonight reading the bible and then his mom came home and I could hear her talking to said boys brother and she's all, "wheres boy?" and he's all "in his room, but I don't think you wanna go down there." So now his mom's all, "what a dirty little whoor." And I'm all, "I swear, I'm all respectable like!" But she just ain't having it. Siblings suck.

On the bright side, I got to go shopping and you will never guess what I bought...since I am soo stuck in the 80's...that's right baby, a jean jacket! Now I shall drive my '88 cavalier and listen to my Queen Greatest Hits tape, although upon researching I have discovered that it apparently did not come out until 1994. No matter.

Which reminds me of one time this summer, I was out at the lake with my sister and s boyfriend and s boyfriend brother. We were boating when we saw someone on a sailboat and decided to go create waves to see if we could tip them. (evil most definetly). We were laughing "haha look what we're going to do to that guy" but as we get closer we see that it is a girl. After contemplating for a moment, sbf says, "no difference" and proceeds to be a dink. The most deliciously awesome part of it all was it turned out to be this teacher that I just despised in the eight grade.

Aww sweet revenge. It is nice to be home. Check out the new SOTW. You'll just love it.

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Monday, September 20, 2004


check out my new link...Site of the Week! You'll love it.

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Upon reading Savannah's most recent blog, I am very curious as to who's ass she pulls these words out of. Fanagled? I thought it might be above me (or rather, my level of intelligence), but even the dictionary does not know of this. (If you have not read Savannah's blog you should. As I am mentioned. And you love me.) That name is getting very long to type...she shall now be SS. Like the secret services. Or Hitler's police. WHOA!!! And Papa SS (i.e. father of Sav) his birthday is on Hitler's birthday, April 20th. I sense some Jewish hostilitly in that household. If any of them start walking with their knees abnormally straight, I suggest you run for your life.

I kid because I love. My sister found out about my blog the other day and was very enraged by a previous entry I made about my mom buying me a ninja turtles pencil case. She was very insulted because apparently this was a gift from her. My sincerest apologies, sister you rock. So right now my feet are at that almost fallen asleep state, but they're still tingly. It's soo crazy. Also I have to sneeze for about the 50 bajillionth time today. This might sound strange, but I really love to sneeze. I find it intensely satisfying. You can judge me if you want, but I like sneezing. Anyways, I better keep this short as I think I am getting weirder by the minute.

Keep on rocking the free world.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

yo bey-otch's

y'all need to get off your combined asses and hit me up with some updates.


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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Happy Friday Eve!

This being back to school thing was really depressing me today. And then I went to work, where Lori (I love Lori) and I celebrated Friday Eve, and suddenly I'm better. Because after all...it's friday! ish. Don't take this away from me.
So, my mom just came into my room and said, "So court, how's the boyfriend?" and from the kitchen my dad goes, "do we have one of those?" and my sister goes "IS HE?!" Don't you love family?
OH, I nearly forgot. KALAN FOR FRICKING IDOL BABY!!! How awesome is that? I wish I could touch his hair. As Savannah would say, "I lust for his hair."
I have been listening to Queen a lot lately. My tape, however has been taken ransom. I can tell it has been overused too, because it now has that odd warped squeakish sound tapes get when you rewind them too much. Thank god for the fine technology of the compact disc.
Today Jeff came to visit me at work. He was quite amazed that the magazine shelves (get this) lifted up! And underneath you will find (gasp) more magazines! I, on the other hand, was quite amazed that I hang out with such intelligent people. Haha, not that I can comment because I went to put the newspaper on the spindle, and I'm all, "Where's the ring?" And after looking everywhere for it, I realized it was on my thumb. Where I always put it. I know my library humour is lost on you, so just understand that I am the loudest person alive and I work in the library. I have to do something to keep myself busy. I had green beans for a snack at work today. I think they were a few too many days old. But I ate them anyway, because apparently my personal health is something I will completely disregard. As you will notice when I take nature-defying drugs and eat way too much starch and not nearly enough meat.
I crave steak right now, though. With lots of sauce. That's the only way to have steak. And with my daddy's fries on the side. God I wish I knew how to start the barbeque. It can't be that hard, can it? Throw some fire on the propane? Or something? Anyone?

I'm so alone.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

hey kids, mama needs another drink

I woke up this morning and managed to piece together my entire night. There's not even any wholes. How frickin' boring. I seem to remember my drunk ass dancing around the kitchen and attempting to drink out of a "bong". Which was really a hockey horn or some gay thing. Still, I rock. I also remember being very loud, making fun of zac's brother for having pointy nipples, and laying with my best friend on the lawn while he had a mini breakdown. Y'all, we should do this more often. Only with, you know...more happiness. Or at least more forgetting.

So to my friend, who obviously needs a little loving...you know where to find me, whenever you need a hug. I'll be thinking of you.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004


I'm thinking it's not a good idea to mix drugs and drink.

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veto this, bitch

I find it quite aggravating that Kalin has the nerve to use a word that he didn't even know the meaning of before me, against me! Oh there will be an ass kicking. Will there ever. So, Jeff totally ditched us last night. AND he wouldn't even tell me whose ass it was that he wanted to grab, and needed to ditch us for that purpose. That didn't make sense, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Also Zac and Kalin were watching porn in front of me and Brittany, so they will be in need of some ass kicking also. Oh, and also the veto thing. And Zac insulted my intelligence. Boys suck. I wish I could be a nun. But my hormones are too "let's be raging". And also...I don't want to be. You know, for not having blogged in awhile I have surprisingly little to say. Or perhaps this isn't a surprise at all. Perhaps you are all like, "good, we were hoping she'd run out of things to ramble about eventually." UGH! And dinkus just left msn without waiting for me to say goodbye. That's the equivalent of haning up on someone on the phone. YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT. what a gay. oh and by the way, kalin was only standing up for kevin so that we wouldn't find out about their secret gay love affair. NOT SO SECRET ANYMORE, eh?

Don't worry. I still accept you. But I'm emailing a copy of this to your dad, who might not. HAHAHA!

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Monday, September 06, 2004

this just in!

so, remember a few blogs ago when I discussed Kevin's sexual orientation? He just revealed to me that the other night he was sleeping in a hotel and woke up to realize he was spooning with his sister's boyfriend. The even weirder part? He thought it was his dad. The plot has been re-written. That kid is so far in the closet he's finding Christmas presents.

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this is so leaving the tent.

picture the situation: two guys sleeping in a tent. In the middle of the night one rolls over and tries to cuddle with the other one because he "thought he was my pillow." That was his first mistake. His second was telling me about it. But we won't name any names, will we kalin?
I found the different tent conversations quite comedic. For example, the girls would be talking about these totally serious topics, and then there would be a quiet moment and we hear from the other tent, "why do they call chicken chicken, but they call cow beef?" Real intellects we hang out with. Seriously high class. And then of course, we have the criticisms for the way we pack the trunk. From a guy who can't even roll up a tent right. But we should've known that was coming as we are just dumb girls who couldn't possibly know how to pack a trunk, hook up anything electrical, or drive a car properly. In fact, we probably shouldn't even look at the car for fear we might break it. But at least I didn't try and cuddle with Jeff in the night. Muahahaha!

Come on. It's a little funny.

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