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Friday, November 26, 2004

whoa there, quiksilver...

As I type this I am sitting in the upstairs room of this really cool house which I would be super in love with except for the fact that I am FREEZING MY ASS OFF! They're not heat nazi's or anything, cause the furnace kicks in like every 5 minutes, so I do not know what's going on! I did see a cat come around the corner a minute ago, which wouldn't be odd, but I wasn't aware that they had a cat so maybe it's like some crazy heat stealing ghost cat. Don't you doubt me. Only 3.5 hours left until I get to go home. Then I will get approximately 8 hours of sleep and then I will go to work for 7 hours and then finally I may get a minute for myself. Before I go to work again for four hours. And in 5 weeks, I won't be babysitting every friday! Why do I get myself into these things?

On a brighter note, The 2nd Annual Chrismukkah Celebration will be held on December 18th which is Very Freaking Soon. I know y'all are excited. I also have a library party on December 17th. How awesome is that? Although as we are not really all that hardcore at the library it will involve a potluck lunch, not like these extravagant "let's get our underage workers drunk" Christmas parties I have heard so much about. God I hope I get invited to one of those.

So I have been investigating, and this house is pretty sweet. They have chips, pop and dill pickle dip as well as some pretty awesome CD's, including; Green Day, Silverchair and... well I forget what else. But some good ones. I have also found (drumroll please) A BLANKET! haha, you thought I was going to say a porn stash or something, didn't you? Get your mind out of the gutter. They have young children! (And despite popular belief this is not good because 'at least you know they put out' you know who you are you dirty little pervert!) Anyway, where was I?

My hands are very cold. Well not really my hands, just my fingers. But not even really my fingers, cause the pads of my fingers are fine. It's like the knuckle area up to the nail. I have extremely bad circulation. Like, to the point that my heart is no longer receiving any blood. That's right, I'm dead and walking. I'm the motherfucking walking dead!

Eww, so I'm watching videos on yahoo and Avril looks super skanky in her new video! Could you wear any more makeup? Well, I know you could, cause I have certain friends who do. Hahaha. It's funny to make fun of your friends. Speaking of which, I wonder what my friends are doing. Probably making fun of me. That's okay, I can take it.

I won't cry, not tonight. Cause there is sooomebody waiting for me! Hmm this is a catchy tune. But I heard this girl talking on yahoo earlier on one of those 'interlude' things they have and she was jibbing about how people are judmental and uncomfortable with her sexuality. I took that to mean I'd probably be uncomfortable around her. Not that there's anthing wrong with that. (Seinfeld joke in case no one caught that, and you probably didn't. Yet if I were to say "No soup for you!" you'd all know what I mean. I scoff at your commercialized media driven minds.) Sorry for that side rant. The media annoys me. Also, I don't really like Seinfeld all that much. Except Kramer, who rocks my world. Anyway, as I was saying, she might freak me out cause she might hit on me. Or she might be completely normal and I would think she was hitting on me. Which is weird, cause I can hang out with guys all day and not think that they're all hitting on me, but girls who are batting for the other team? That's a whole different story.

I'll sit back and wait for the hate comments to start flowing. Lesbians everywhere will unite and come burn down my homophobic house. Yeah, well, bring it on! I can take y'all! All y'all!

Oh god I'm so afraid. I'm not really homophobic. Although I do know severals who are. Not to name any names. Speaking of which, did everyone notice that
gaspJEFF UPDATED! I must comment however, that while it is very exciting to get a raise and all those compliments...it's still just co-op. Hi, I'm Courtney, the antagonist.

I should mention that I am going for my license on Monday. I'm not sure why I should mention this, it just seems as if the whole school knows, why not go global? Cause you know, people who don't know me totally read my blog. I am just OVERLOADED with fans, worldwide. Haha, I just read a funny blog. I would share the link with you, but I like to keep these funny things to myself. But whoo, I tell you what, it is fuuuu-ny. Oh right, talking about the license. I WANT! I pine for this like I pine for nothing else, not even cheesecake! Not even...well, you know. ;) That was for Jeff. For Zac - me, pine? Pff, yeah right. For my mom, god forbid she should ever find this - I AM COMPLETELY JOKING! PLEASE DO NOT PUT ME THROUGH ANOTHER SEX TALK! God knows I've had enough of those. The first 15 years of my life I get 0 sex talks. All of a sudden Zac comes around and we have SEX TALKS COMING OUT THE YING YANG! It's not like he's the first guy I've dated (I really hate relationship words. Dated? Dates are a fruit or something, I don't eat them, anyway. What does this have to do with anything?) But anyway, Zac's friend tells me it's cause he's a machine. And I quote, "No seriously, he's a machine, take out his battery pack."

I read about this girl who got a book deal from her blog and now she's making millions off her book. And I'm like, "dude, I should so get a book deal". But then I realized to make a book you need, perhaps, a plot and such. Unless your Danielle Steel and then you just have horny housewives write your books. hahahahahaha. god I'm a dork.

And that's the end of that chapter.

ps. I'm really not homophobic.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


This is old Kalin Wiebe here. I have successfully hacked into the feedemrice website publisher thinger. It was great fun because it took no skills or brains to get into the poorly built security wall by blogger.com anyhoo...I shall now say some bad things about some certain people so it looks like Courtney is saying this...wait this is Courtney, why would I frame dear old Kalin. By the way, that damn Kalin complains and whines too much. I am so annoyed with his ways. I think he should dig a hole, jump in it and then get me to bury him alive. That would be a plan...and a great way to build muscle and get some dear old anger out. Yay for happy fibres. I shall tell you not to tell him this but considering he is quite stupid and naive, I will just tell him my sister decided to get creative. Did I ever tell you about that night where he tried to take advantage of me...well of course I was kind of enjoying it but then he got very, very rough and you all know me, I don't like rough, so i took out my shot gun and blew a hole in the wall and that is the real truth of how I got a hole in my wall. Well I must go because my break is over. Cia my lovelieees!

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

hello my lovelies!

it's been far too long! I bet y'all have just been pining away for me. This absence of mine was unlike previous ones. Usually I just run out of things to say, but I have just been *gasp* far too busy! I shall update you on my fabulous (somewhat) life.

Well, I have been practicing away in the hopes of getting my license very very soon. I sit in Law class and parallel park in my mind. If you know how I could be any cooler, just let me know! Unless you're here to hurt my tender little feelings, in which case, you should be very ashamed of yourself.

Today I went to work, which was good. This frequent patron was hitting on me, though. As I am not allowed to disclose information on patrons, we shall call him Mr.65. Anyways, Mr.65 is approximately 65 and likes to talk to me about wars that happened way before my time, or sometimes not at all. A tid bit crazy he is. He did back off however, after I told him that I'm 15. But hey, what's 50 years?

He told me I look exotic today. Do I look exotic today?

No sightings of The Cute Girl or The Hottest Guy In The World, however. He was dubbed that, by I, many months ago. I no longer think him to be the hottest guy in the world, but I just can't kick the name. He's still pretty hot, though.

My sister just tried to take her sweater back. I cried and said, "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LOOK EXOTIC NOW!!?" and she let me keep it. she's a trooper, that one.

We are back to our regular pool playing, and I am thrilled as it reminds me of summer. And also pool is hot. And I could kick your ass at it. Also.

I have also taken up boxing and recently kicked the ass of this stupid bitch who I have despised since the moment I met her. I won't name any names (ahem, DW) but you all know who I speak of anyway because you hate the dirty whore, too. I didn't actually kick her ass, however, just dreaming. And also I wanted some street cred.

I would love to stay and chat but I must go get pie-eyed and break shit.

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