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Friday, April 29, 2005

Perhaps a little inconsistent - this is what happens when it takes you 5 days to write one post.

I'm currently reading "Kingdom of Fear" by Hunter S. Thompson (yes, the butt book). It really put me in the mood to go on a good rant about absolutely fucking nothing. It also made me want to swear a lot. Which I do normally, so if I'm upping the ante this could get downright obscene, just to warn you.

Do you ever have those days when you just feel really, really ugly? I'm not sure why I'm asking, of course everyone has those days...and if you don't, I probably hate you. Anyway, usually I'm pretty okay with myself, I know I'm not the kind of person that people look at and go "WOW!" or anything, but as T-unit told me yesterday, "You're beautiful...compared to a hobo." Hey, that's good enough for me. You know how you have that one friend, and that one friend is a good person, and fun to hang around with, but truthfully - you really only hang out with them because the looks decent wagon perhaps did pass this friend by, and hanging out with this friend makes you feel better about yourself. Like when you go to a party with your friend, and you walk in together, you just know for at least the rest of the night, you're the hot friend. So the point of this all was, sometimes on my ugly days, I get a bit worried that maybe I'm the friend that brings up my other friends self-esteem. And not in a good way. I really don't need any feedback on this, because no answer I get will satisfy me - just getting it out there.

How would you feel if you were the ugly twin? I had honestly never really thought about the possiblity of the ugly twin until I heard this little rhyme about these twins in grade 9 that I won't bother repeating because it would make me an asshole. Lori told me the other day that there is a higher occurence of homosexuality among twins. Do you think maybe being the ugly twin might have something to do with that? I know that if I was the ugly twin, I would probably resort to this just to defy everyone. "I don't have to be hotter, we're after different genders!" Okay maybe that's a bit extreme, but I don't have to worry about it, because I'm not the ugly twin. If I had a twin I probably would be, because that's my luck, but fortunately I AM NOT THE UGLY TWIN!

(You could be though.)

You might recall last post when I mentioned something of "my latest fixation". I hate to make anyone feel shafted, but unfortunately its hard not to make them feel like they have been replaced when they clearly have been replaced. I might have a new fixation. You're not privy to all the details just yet, lovely fans, but I will tell you his name is Michael and he looks good without his shirt on, I know this from personal experience. Well, alright, I saw a picture. On the internet.

This is really a lot less creepy than it sounds. I swear. Whatever, you know you love it.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

excerpts - a glimpse at my day

On the subject of : My Latest Fixation
"Everyone thinks I'm joking when I say I'm going to hook up with him."
"You are joking..."
"Tell me you're joking."
"Okay, I'm joking. Whatever helps me sleep with your brother at night."

Personal note to Brittany: It's on.

Personal note to Johnny Depp: You're still my #1 ;)

On The Subject Of : My Messed Up Family/This Messed Up Day
"Hey Ma, Happy 4/20!"
"What's 4/20?"
"Are you kidding me?"
"No, what's 4/20?"
"Ask Dad. He probably invented it."

On The Subject of: My Stupidity
"I think your engine coolants low, too."
"I think you just want me to buy things."
"I'm just trying to help your car, but if you don't think you need it..."
"I can't even pump my own gas. When it comes to my car the only thing I might think is 'Hmm, I need a new air freshner, the 80's smell is drifting back again'".

"Aww, mom Rhett's sharing his chocolate with me."
"You mean M&M's?"
"Uhh, no just chocolate."
"Oh...I guess that means he already sucked off the candy coating."
"Ew. Oh well, they were good."

On The Subject of: My Promiscuity
"Does he wear Wranglers?"
"Yeah, he just got some, his dad bought them for him."
"I bet his dad wants him to get some action. Because, you know, that's every dad's dream for their son."
"Yeah, you should see them."
"I'm going to be tenting a couple feet away from him this summer. For your sake, I think it's best that I DON'T see them."

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Shopping, country, and assholes.

I didn't used to care what I was wearing. I have many things to prove this, including multiple pictures of me in an oversized red Winnie The Pooh sweatshirt. Sweatshirts were my thing. I used to wear leggings, for crying out loud! And not even regular leggins, the kind with the elastic that goes under the foot, like some freaking horse trainer. I do like horses, but seriously, why did my mother let me do that? It's not like I'm preppy prima donna obsessed these days, but I'm starting to scare myself. Buying clothes really gives me a high. Jeans, shirts, skirts, shorts, bathing suits -- this is clearly my crystal meth. Sigh. I just don't know what to think of this.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned, but Craven is now a go. The tickets are that close to being purchased and the arrangements are...well, they're a teeny bit further away from being made. And by that I mean I don't know how I'm getting there, who exactly I'm going with, or where we will be staying. But surely this is just details. Besides, I'd sleep in the back of my car to see Tim, Brad, Lonestar, Emerson Drive, Paul Brandt, Beverly Mahood...I'm getting very excited.

Yesterday my friend from Regina came down because her friends were playing in a "Punk Show" here. The people at the show were quite the assholes to them because apparently they did not like their music. Also last night there was an attempted break in to one of my friends cars. Nicely done, people of SC. I see now why this is one of the top 10 cities in Canada. Yes, definitely where life makes sense. It really bothers me how a few ignorant and clearly quite stupid people can ruin the image of our city. I say it's time we bring back lynching.

Just kidding of course. I was in such good spirits until that last paragraph. I think I'll go order some shoes online to make me feel better. A little shopping pick me up never hurt anyone.

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