It never gets weird enough.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ho hum, life is blah.

My friends have left me. I don't have to work. I have only a small amount of homework. I don't have any regular TV shows anymore.

I have no idea what to do with myself.

I vaguely remember, back in the days when I did well in school, had at least 4 regular TV shows, and cleaned a lot. But that was a long time ago. My current habits include leaving my homework until the very last possible second, watching no TV, and letting things get dirty until eventually they just mold over and I can scrape the top layer off. But free time? This is unheard of. Maybe I need a hobby. Perhaps a habit, even. That does sound more enjoyable. I might look into that.

We had a pretty kick ass assembly at school today in which a bunch of talented musicans and actors made me look bad for being completely untalented in any field. So I've decided I'm going to be the most talented groupie there ever were. Alright. This might include signs (perhaps even banners), the setting up of snack tables, handing drinks after particularly tiring performances, and of course sexual favours of any variety. Except for that, pervert. Unless I really need a hit. You know, to go with my new habit.

Anyways, I must depart, as I have so little to do and absolutely no one to see.

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