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Friday, July 29, 2005

Hi! Me again!

Well, wasn't that an exciting and controversial journey through picture land. Did you notice the sudden comments from strangers? I must've typed something that the google hits loved. I bet if I mentioned SEX and PENIS there would be comments like mad. Come on, porn spam! Anyway, keep checking back, I will update often as my photolady skills are top notch.

I'm off to Saskatoon for a weekend of family (ha) and what not. I've heard there are sales like mad up there right now, and you have to know I am ALL OVER THAT. Hi, I'm Courtney, I'm a consumer whore! Acceptance is the third step. Okay, I don't remember exactly which one it is, I haven't been to a meeting in awhile. Back up off me.

Much craziness down at the library these days. The place is just buzzing with gossip. But I can't talk about my job on my blog, we all know what that leads to, and I really do not need to get dooced. Anyway, y'all should read Harry Potter, and then we should talk about it, because honestly it was killing me and then me and Sayre talked about it for a good 45 minutes. It was so refreshing. Unfortunately I got the Potter shakes following this conversation. I need more! More, dammit! What do you think - Snape, evil or no? And let's all give three cheers for Harry shutting the fuck up in this book! I honestly could not have handled another "Wah poor me I'm Harry the protagonist and my mommy and daddy died" book. It might have just driven me over the edge. But anyhoo, once again it's almost 2:00 in the AM and I have to get up at 8:00 tomorrow! Can I get a HALLEJUAH?

Have a good weekend all, make good choices!

Love, as always,

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You give this fucked up world a new kind of beauty...

This is something new and exciting for me, but tonight I decided to entertain you with a few of my fabulously favourite quotes.

"...Then it comes to be, that soothing light at the end of your tunnel, was just a freight train coming your way..." No Leaf Clover - Metallica

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon

"If you can't get it you don't want it bad enough!" - Me

"She makes me feel kinda funny. Like when we used to climb the ropes in gym class." - Wayne's World

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning they know that's as good as they're going to feel all day." - Frank Sinatra

"Happiness is having your dentist tell you it won't hurt and then watching him catch his hand in the drill." - Johnny Carson

"Sublety is the art of saying what you think and getting out of the way before it is understood."

"All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free." - Blackbird - The Beatles

"Pain is something you know only when going through it, understand only if you've been there, and when it's over, wonder if it was really as bad as it seemed." - Me

"Who could ask for more, than to live the moment they'd die for?"

"Disappointment is opening the microwave door to burnt popcorn." - Me

"The hottest corners of hell are reserved for those who, during a moment of crisis, maintain their neutrality." - Andy Drake

That will be all for now. Feel free to contribute your own. Keep your freak on.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's picture time!

That's right, all of your lovely mugs, right here in one beautiful area:


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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You had to know this was coming.


Dear Paul,
I'm sorry, but it's just not working out. You let me down one too many times. I've found somebody new.


Dear Brad,
You are amazing and I love you and I want to have your babies. But later, I'm involved with someone else right now. Wait for me!

Yours truly,

Dear Lonestar,
You know I love you, but as much as I'm into the multiple partners thing, there's just too many of you. Please stop calling.


Dear George,
You're hot. But you're just not for me right now. I stood a foot away from you and your mystery has been erased. Don't give up, though, I might change my mind.


Dear Tim,
I stood out in the rain and cold for you for 8 hours, 5 of those hours in the same spot, and I have only one thing to say: It was worth every minute. Thank you for making my life worth living.

Love always,

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's sick, really.

List 5 reasons you are a dork. And make them good reasons. Justify them. Explain them. Be loud and proud of how big a dork you are! Then pick the 5 biggest dorks you know and have them do the meme.

1) I work in a library. Not only do I work there, I actually enjoy it most of the time. I have library jokes. The other day I had a race to see who could put books away faster. Despite some foul play on my opponents part, I came out on top. Not that I'm proud of that, or anything. I know certain sections of the library by memory. For example: 635 - plants, 796 - sports, 796.962 - hockey, 914 - travel...I could go on, but this is unhealthy.

2) I have inside jokes with pretty much everyone I know, including myself. Ex. -
-Why are you doing?
-Want some cheese?
-I don't want your mouth all over mine.
-Now you're grim.

If you get any of those, you're a dork. I have been known to talk to myself. Sometimes when I'm walking down the hall I notice I'm getting weird looks, and then realize I'm singing, and not all that quitely. These looks also come just because I'm weird. I laugh at my own jokes. I can quote entire movies, these include Empire Records and Ten Things I Hate About You. I realize this is way more than one reason, but there's just too much to choose from. See, that there? Explains it all.

3) I have strange pet peeves. When the toilet paper is on the holder the wrong way. When peoples hems are folded or there pants are behind the tongue of their shoe. When people talk on cell phones while driving, in a restaurant, at the library, etc. When people steal my phrases. When I steal other people's phrases and someone notices. Yoko Ono.

4) Today I cleaned all of my CD's, alphabetized them, and made back up copies. My music is very important to me. Although I have a very broad taste in music, it all screams dork. I actually have Abba Gold in my car. As well as Dr. Hook, Barenaked Ladies, The Beatles, Now 2, and Eric Clapton. Some might try to justify this. I won't, because I know that although the Beatles were cool in the 60's, these days it is just very lame. I know that the Barenaked Ladies are cool, if you are my mom. I also know the fact that I still know the words to a lot of Spice Girls songs is sad. Especially because I can remember when I used to dress up as a Spice Girl and perform for my Grandma. HA! Too bad you already made friends with me, eh? I'm a leech, man, there's no getting rid of me now.

5) I'm a geek. I'm proud. When I saw my name on Sayre's geek list, although I acted indignant, a sick sense of pride washed over me. In geek world? Acceptance is the first step.

There. Was it everything you dreamed it would be?

My Geeks

Get to it!

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back up off me!

I'm working on it, okay?

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