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Saturday, October 29, 2005

At least you know the neighbors are quiet.

Recently my parents decided it would be a good idea to sell our house, 1610 Ashley Drive, which we have lived in for three years. Our house that we just finished renovating. I'd only unpacked my last box two months before we moved. But apparently that was just way too much time spent in one place for my dad, who, I must remind you, was the one who told us when we moved into 1610 that we would be carrying him out of it in a box. He lied. So now we are waiting for my dad to finish the plans for our new house. While we are doing this we live in a different house. By different I mean there are dead bodies in the backyard. Because it wasn't enough to spend 11 years of my life living in a house across from a funeral home, I now live in a house about fifty steps away from a graveyard. This amuses many people to no end. The jokes just don't stop. "At least you know the neighbors are quiet" "People are just dying to get in" and my personal favorite phone conversation with my uncle:
"Hey, is this Memory Gardens!?"
"Could I get a room?"
"I don't need a very big one, but I sure would like it deep!"
Christmas is always fun when you have family like that. More to follow, but right now I must go warm up as it is cold in this house. Cold like death.


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you must be dead tired of living in a funeral home!


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Ummm...I bet you it's cold as hell in your house right now... wait a sec, hell isn't cold!!! Courtney, at least you know I won't come up with any sly jokes...I just don't have the brain power!

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