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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Maybe everything changed and I stayed the same.

Last night I had a dream about ice cream. I was in an ice cream shop. Well, it wasn't really a shop. I'm not sure how to explain it. There was this big table full of different buckets of ice cream. The buckets weren't sitting on the table, you must realize, they were actually level with the table. Perhaps there was a shelf of sorts underneath, I'm just not sure. Anyway, I was going around picking all of my favourite kinds of ice cream and putting them in my bowl. It was just a regular bowl from my kitchen, but somehow I was packing in quite a bit. Right when I started to stir the ice cream (I like it homogenous) I woke up.

I realize that dream was pretty lame, and you probably don't care too much about it, but there's history in that dream. It just came back to me this morning when I was thinking about it, but when I was little and I had nightmares that's what my mom would tell me to think about. I remember the list, like I can see it in my mind all numbered and titled. Things to think about when so scared you can't move: ice cream, camping, skating, playing barbies, soccer... My mom's a pretty resourceful woman.

So today I had a bad day. I decided that this would be the way to fix it:

Things to Think About When Having a Bad Day
1. Pay day is on Friday.
2. Tomorrow is Friday Eve.
3. Sometime in the future (and by that I mean the next two months) I might get a weekend off.
4. My awesome pretend suede coat that keeps me warm.
5. As well as my awesome pretend leather coat.
6. And my mitts and scarf. I <3 JP :)
7. Only 13 days until Scrubs Season 2 is out on DVD.
8. Only 15 days, 3 hours, and 20 minutes until Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is out in theaters.
9. The cute boy that used to smile at me. Wherever did he go?
10. How funny it was when I insulted those strangers at my lunch table today. They thought that since we had a couple common friends we could be friends. They thought wrong. Muahahaha.
11. Most important thing to think about - How much better tomorrow is going to be.

And the most important thing NOT to think about when you're having a bad day is how horrible your day was/is. It'll just make your belly hurt. Bad days are far too common lately. We must start a good day epidemic. I'm not sure if that's the word I'm going for, but I have dial-up internet, so I'm not looking it up. I'm having a bad day, YOU CAN JUST DEAL WITH IT!

I still blob you, though. ;)

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Why so plum, Glum? Yes I agree you were super awsome at the lunch table when that rat kid kept talking...you have a way with words

Posted by Anonymous Kalin #  


lulz :P

Do you mean my friends that sat down, when I decided to briefly chill with you?

If yes, I was happy with how you dealt with them...cuttingly sarcastic, as usual. But I made sure to leave when Corie got there, because --if this makes sense-- it annoys me when Corie annoys you. Which adds to the substantial amount that Corie already annoys me.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous #  


haha, thats just cause you love me more. Except for yesterday when I totally woke you up. That was weird, by the by.

Posted by Anonymous courtney #  


Um...what? You woke me up?

Posted by Anonymous Teagan #  


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